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Opening of our online store.

Posted by Christopher Johnson on

We put together this online store to make peripheral items easily available to our customers. Since 1993 we have focused on selling system solutions that included building servers, loading software and supplying the network TAP's and switches to enable security, application and performance monitoring and management. Our Main OASYS Webpage is at for more information on systems that are not eCommerce type or purchases and require discussion and customized quotes. As time goes on we are adding the new emerging technologies pushing toward faster speeds and greater density.

Our recommendation is that you source all connecting hardware from OASYS and we can guarantee a smooth installation and reliable system. For instance if you are looking at a new ribbon type TAP to support multi-strand fiber we supply all connecting cables. Our tool set includes servers with high performance adapters to capture and process packets. If you need a packet broker solution we can provide a fight sized system to support your visibility infrastructure.

Many of us are familiar with accomplishing a visibility infrastructure and configuring the physical TAPs, cables, and packet brokers to monitor packet flows in data centers and at branch offices. A challenge today is to be able to have the same visibility in the Cloud or customized outsourced systems like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and others. What metrics can you collect, can the intelligence gathered from the Cloud be integrated with your existing private data center management systems, and as always how secure is a new hyper-converged solution? 

Every system is different and requires a specific set of tools, integration support, and visibility and collection strategy to meet demands and orchestrate a comprehensive management system. 

We will continue to add products as the market evolves. The cloud, SDN, hyper-converged systems, and mobility will continue to bring us more for less and create new challenges along the way. Our experience with customers and continual training from our Manufacturer Partners can be an advantage to your projects. If you like please post your most pressing projects or what POC’s you anticipate in the near future.

Let us help you add value to your systems to support legacy, present and future systems and balance price vs performance.

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